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Time for some Christmas Cheer

Okay, in case you missed it the SNL Christmas Special is coming on Tonight on NBC!!! We could all use some laughs, and this is full of fan favorite each year. Don’t judge me, but my all time favorite sketch is the bit featuring Alec Baldwin on “NPR’s Delicious Dish” talking about his amazing Schweddy […]

Swift’s Folklore of 2020

watching the documentary Folklore at home during quarantine 2020

I can’t believe I’m blogging about a Taylor Swift album, but here it is. Her quarantine album Folklore rips through the emotional fabric of our relationships and experiences with decades of musical inspiration sprinkled throughout a timeless acoustic collection. Overselling a bit… I say no. To see her coming into her own on yet another […]

The Best Hotel in Boone

Recently I had the pleasure of happening upon a lovely boutique hotel in downtown Boone, NC called The Horton Hotel. After an amazing stay and experience I wanted to be sure to share all about this hidden gem in the most amazing walkable location. We end up in Blowing Rock and Boone quite often these […]

It’s gonna be a COOL cool summer!

Maybe I’m late to the party, but I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s never thought of this simple solution for home… Mist! For those hot gorgeous days when you want to be outside but literally can’t stand the heat, just hook one of these bad boys up and BOOM! You’re set. I am […]

The Magical Mojito

During the new world of connecting with others virtually, I am starting to find my niche with online virtual cocktail classes. Mostly for corporate clients but I am also doing them for our Crafted followers and friends. A recent engagement called for a custom cocktail design for a corporate client inspired by the Mojito which […]

Lucy the Dachshund turns 3!

I’m the proud puppy mom of two gorgeous little fur babies. One is a dachshund named Lucy and she turned 3 today. Being that there is some more free time lately, I thought why not throw her a party? Her fur-brother Charlie Brown would enjoy the fun too. The first step was to come up […]

Adventures in Quarantine

So this past Sunday was quite the adventure in quarantine! Decided to take the pups on a walk uptown and swing by Trader Joes for my organic stevia. And any opportunity to linger in the flower department, find interesting veggies & discover rare accoutrements. I found chocolate coconut covered almonds… for $3.99! And CHEESE, lots […]

Virtual Cocktailing

Being home centric these days is allowing me to push forward a long term project goal: virtual cocktail classes! This has been a request from many Crafted enthusiasts for a while now and I’m excited to share the first dates are now in motion. I’m partnering with Ronald McDonald House on May 7th to bring […]

Stay at Home Shopping

So shopping is easier in some ways now more than ever. I soooo am missing my shopping therapy excursions though, anyone else with me?! And for some reason, I keep having urges to bake the naughtiest things. Here are some staples for the pantry currently…. Reeses Peanut Butter Chips, Butterscotch Chips, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Chips (for when I want to […]

Who Wants to Be Pampered?

Soooo excited about putting together some fun samples to pop in the mail this week!!! Who needs a pick me up?! This is something I’m doing for free, I think we all could use a little something to look forward to ? I promise to Lysol everything before it hits the mailbox. ? Raise your hand ??‍♀️ if you’re in!!!(Ps. If […]