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What is Business Strategy Consulting?

Most owners and executives know where they want to go with their businesses. Unfortunately, most do not know what to think about in terms of the process of getting there, or what you do once you get there. Let us help you figure out what that looks like for you. From making sure that you don’t become a slave to your business, to thinking about the big picture and end game now. We can help you include the most important components of your strategy and ultimately how to create the lifestyle you aspire to.

Run Your Business From Anywhere

If you find yourself tethered to the office, that’s a major red flag that you are doing it wrong. Let us help you to develop a strategy to get you out of the building, so that you can start living life rather than working life.

How much time do you spend, running reports, having weekly status meetings, checking bank accounts and creating spreadsheets? For most of us, that’s the magic sauce that insures our success. What if that could all be automated and integrated into a single view?

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Joy Filled Goals

For most of us, goals are a destination, not a journey. Changing that reality is where your opportunity for joy filled goals come in. By balancing personal and professional goals to include joy in your journey, it becomes much easier to achieve a lifestyle that others only dream about. Give us a call to talk about how we can help you think differently about the process to help you move from ‘the boredroom’ to the beach in no time.

For most, business is more about where you are trying to get to than how you get there. The key is to align your actions with your end goals. Make the lifestyle you want part of your short term and mid term goals. If you wait until you have achieved your end goal to start living, then you have forgotten the reasons why you were willing to go through all of this.

Why Can’t I Do This Now?

Historically software vendors have intentionally made it difficult for customers to make their competitors software interact with their own. Inevitably, software companies think that they can be all things to all people. And while there are plenty of great software companies, most of them have not figured out that the real value in their software is not the user interface, it’s the data inside. That is largely because they can’t own the data inside, you do! Let us show you how to leverage that data through existing applications, “low code” integration tools that allow you to tie systems together without cost prohibitive custom programming. And when you have no other choice, but to use custom programming, let us help you understand how to quantify the Cost to Benefit of your spend.

Process Distillery

Click this image to read the corresponding article in Inc. Magazine for tips on how to increase your personal ROI along the way.

Process Distillery is a proven methodology that allows you to re-imagine your business processes in such a way that you can find the path to aligning your tactical reality to be constantly working on your strategic goals. Think of your business as one of those exploded view diagrams that we have all seen in an owner’s manual. When you take the time to look at how the individual pieces fit together, you can frequently identify the inefficiencies and see the path to fixing them. When coupled with Strategy Consulting that helps you focus on the big picture during this planning process, you will find the alignment that has been eluding you.

Process Distillery
Deconstruct your most complex business challenges and realign them to your strategic goals.