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Okay, in case you missed it the SNL Christmas Special is coming on Tonight on NBC!!! We could all use some laughs, and this is full of fan favorite each year.

Don’t judge me, but my all time favorite sketch is the bit featuring Alec Baldwin on “NPR’s Delicious Dish” talking about his amazing Schweddy Balls. I especially get a kick out of the hosts talking with the perfect NPR cadence and in particular the host with the excessive rat problem. ? too hilarious!

Another great feature of the SNL Holiday Show are all the guest celebrities in the sketches, all the fan favorites! One of my other can’t miss sketches is the ‘Bring it on Down’ with Justin Timberlake. He brings the humor and his musical talent together in this one.

Check out the 2 hour special on NBC tonight at 9pm and if you miss it, no worries, an encore will air on Dec 22nd at 9pm!