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I can’t believe I’m blogging about a Taylor Swift album, but here it is. Her quarantine album Folklore rips through the emotional fabric of our relationships and experiences with decades of musical inspiration sprinkled throughout a timeless acoustic collection. Overselling a bit… I say no.

Lyrics from Exile

To see her coming into her own on yet another level is beautiful. I find her songwriting to be hauntingly personal and largely relatable at multiple levels. This album proves Taylor’s talent is magical and she’s decided to own that shit! Each song is a collection of stories and themes that brought on reflection and the tears for sure. Years ago Swift did a song for the famous movie The Hunger Games called Safe & Sound. Although I didn’t know it, I’ve been waiting for more from her like this since 2012.

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Much to my delight, there is now a documentary from Taylor Swift named, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. The biggest surprise to me was to find it on Disney+. Anyone else out there find it particularly interesting when an artist allows you in the studio and shares the stories behind the music? It’s my favorite, especially when it’s music I find particularly meaningful. This insider front row seat at a living room style concert put on by Taylor and the featured musicians made me feel like a voyeur almost while watching her facial expressions as she experiences the performance. It was the first time for the team to play the album together live and in person because of Covid. Taylor Swift alongside Aaron Dessner, guitarist from The National and Jack Antonoff, long time Swift producer gathered and filmed at a dreamy grown up summer camp looking studio located in upstate New York in September of 2020. They could have just made a live album recording but instead chose to create an experience and invited us in. As an experiential consultant, I so value that extra mile when creators and artists don’t just put their product out there but they add the personal touch.

Taylor shares that unlike other albums, this one had her quite uncertain what she was actually writing about. Swift shares she’s always felt obligated to write from personal life experience and the adventure of writing about characters, real and imaginary was a new endeavor for the songwriter. Collaborator Dessner, encouraged her to forge ahead into uncomfortable and uncharted territory of musical exploration and seemingly even surprised herself at the result. It is a triumph for all fans of the album in a time that has been so challenging for all of us. Music comforts us and gives us a place to drown our sorrows when necessary. Thanks Taylor and team for a fabulous warm and fuzzy blanket to hide under during the darkest times of 2020.

What’s your favorite song from the album Folklore? Mine for sure is Exile. This song is a collab with Bon Iver. Close runners up because of the meanings behind the lyrics are Mirrorball and This is me Trying. They both touch on how we put on facades and the greatest challenges we face within the 6 inches between our ears. But who am I kidding, I’m obsessed with the entire album. Song after song I get that lovely addictive feeling that tugs on our heartstrings as we listen with joy as another ‘favorite song’ jumps out of the speakers. If you are a fan of thought filled lyrics and dreamy folk inspired musical style do yourself a favor and go give Folklore a listen.