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During the new world of connecting with others virtually, I am starting to find my niche with online virtual cocktail classes. Mostly for corporate clients but I am also doing them for our Crafted followers and friends. A recent engagement called for a custom cocktail design for a corporate client inspired by the Mojito which led me to some research, creative thinking and ultimately the best part… experimentation!

So why has this cocktail gained such love and popularity over the years in the US? I believe it’s partially because it is one of the few cocktails that you can’t cheat with fake ingredients and fillers. That fresh use of mint is a great example of the enjoyment that can only come from using real ingredients in a cocktail. Now, start adding fake lime juice and chemical additive ‘simple syrup’ and the refreshment factor goes down big time. It is necessary to have real sugar and fresh squeezed lime juice for a truly magical Mojito experience.

The history of the Mojito is as controversial as how to make them. People debate what county first created the first, but popular opinion is that it originated in Havana Cuba. Although the ingredients are basically the same, the how to mix it all up varies greatly. I tend to align my preference for the beverage recipe with how the OG’s have been serving them up in Cuba since the days of Hemingway. It was said the Mojito was Ernest’s go to drink if it wasn’t a daiquiri. Ironically both have similar flavor profiles and are light and refreshing. The trick for an old school style version of this minty potion? Use a Collins glass around 10oz and use fresh mint, organic unrefined cane sugar & fresh squeezed lime juice. Also, build the cocktail right in the glass! Here’s how to mix it up…

Mojito Recipe

For a FUN twist Top the Mojito with a float of St. Germain &/or top with champagne or sparking wine instead of club soda. This is my preferred customization. You could also experiment by adding other fresh options that could pair well. Try Pineapple juice or Blueberry for some fun variations.

So why not shake up your Mojito? A couple of factors… when you over toss or muddle the mint it can become bitter and break apart. The overworked sad bits of mint then can overwhelm the cocktail and be unpleasant to drink. I shared a video of how to make this cocktail on our social media page @craftedsouthernspeakeasy if you want a visual demonstration.

If you’re interested in booking a virtual cocktail class for your business or just for fun please message us at to start creating your custom Crafted Experience today!

The Magical Mojito