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I’m the proud puppy mom of two gorgeous little fur babies. One is a dachshund named Lucy and she turned 3 today.

Being that there is some more free time lately, I thought why not throw her a party? Her fur-brother Charlie Brown would enjoy the fun too. The first step was to come up with puppy cupcakes. I googled and settled upon this recipe I found on

Ingredients for ‘pupcakes’

They were so easy to make and quick too. I used shredded carrots from the store and I do wish I would’ve chopped them up smaller or shredded the carrots myself per the suggestion. I think it would’ve come out smoother. I even had helpers to lick the bowl clean afterwards.

Next I naturally decided Lucy needed a birthday hat. Luckily I am a craft supply hoarder, which once in awhile is very handy. So I raided my stash and came up with some pretty origami paper. First I folded it in half and then rolled it to see if I could make a cone shape. I then cut slots into the top of the cone to create a festive looking topper.

I folded the excess paper at the bottom inside the hat. I then took an old barrette clip and glued it to the extra paper at the bottom of the hat. I finished by adding some festive ribbon around the bottom and the top. Now let’s see if I can trick her into wearing it…

So the muffins came out adorbs! I used a mini cupcake tin so they cooked up faster than the instructions suggested in a 6 cupcake mold tin. They were done in about 25 minutes, I pulled them out at 30 min, so they were only slightly over cooked. Nothing to hold us back from a puppy party!

One batch yielded 12 mini pupcakes
She may or may not have needed help blowing out the candles.
These pupcakes were very enjoyed but very messy!
Charlie Brown approved of the recipe too!