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Charcuterie & Flowers in Quarantine?! Woohoo!

So this past Sunday was quite the adventure in quarantine! Decided to take the pups on a walk uptown and swing by Trader Joes for my organic stevia. And any opportunity to linger in the flower department, find interesting veggies & discover rare accoutrements. I found chocolate coconut covered almonds… for $3.99! And CHEESE, lots of fabulous cheese. I’m about to give you my number one TJ shopping secret: Unexpected Cheddar. Try it and you’ll thank me later. I mean, come on, who can’t get excited about these kinds of things in social isolation with limited shopping. And flowers…gorgeous, exotic, glorious flowers. Oh how I wish we had a TJ closer. It is the most fabulous grocery! Anyways, I’ll get a hold of myself and continue.

At least the views and shopping was good during my 15 min wait.

I ended up getting my first ‘wait in line’ shopping experience too. Wow, that is new. Everyone masked and gloved, except for all the brave & seemingly carefree numerous hippie looking types I nearly bumped into (or I should say who nearly bumped into me) along the way. But for the most part everyone seemed patient, cautious and kind. It was actually refreshing. And it’s interesting to see everyone not in a big hurry for a change. There is something peaceful and calming about simply being present in the moment and not always rushing into the next thing.

Trader Joe’s shopping line

I definitely seemed to arrive just in time, about 10 minutes later this was the line wrapped around the building! I would have waited… Trader Joe’s is worth it. Meanwhile outside the pups got a walk and were happy as could be. Hey, one can’t pass up a chance to share puppy pics, right?!

Lucy and Charlie Brown

Once back home, all the yummy finds made the most magnificent charcuterie board for dinner. I paired it with one of my favorite Chardonnay wines, The Snitch. It was the perfect end to a fantastic day. Ironically these activities before would have been a normal old ‘take it for granted’ type day. It was lovely to take a normal day and view it with completely different eyes. May you also find some adventure and peace in this crazy social weirdness we are all in.

Look at this bloom after two days, gorgeous!