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The Crafted Experience, Inc. is a lifestyle business focused on helping other entrepreneurs and executives live their best life as their best self. We welcome you to explore the possibilities.

With practice areas ranging from Business Strategy and Consulting to events designed to expand our clients network and influence.  The Crafted Experience, Inc. has assembled a wide range of resources to facilitate the notion of Carpe Diem.

As creators, we are postmodern artisans marrying the best of the old with the best of the new through themed events, repurposed décor and purveyors of vintage inspired entertainment.

As consultants, we help others do what they love and make more money as they do it.  This is accomplished through identifying passion in their actions, creating focus in their plans and helping them make more money, either by way of creating new revenue streams or creating savings through improved efficiencies.

As promotors, we get the word out about what you are all about.  This happens by way of traditional approaches, such as Marketing and Brand Strategy, but also through creating themed events designed to leverage your sphere of influence and put you in front of target demographics in unique and engaging ways.